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St. Katherine's Cathedral, Lincoln

The ground on which the present Cathedral Church of St. Katherine stands has been a religious site since 1148 when the Gilbertine Priory of St. Katherine's without Bargate was founded by Robert de Chesney, fourth Bishop of Lincoln. The current building was a Wesleyan Church opened in 1888. St. Katherine's has served the surrounding community for 900 years and continues to do so, however the Covid 19 pandemic has hit St. Katherine's hard, and now it is in grave danger of having to close. The result will be that the building which is an important meeting place for the worshippers and members of the local community, which houses the permanent exhibition - St. Katherine's 900 Years of History - and the important historic organ originally built for St. Peter's Manchester in 1854 by Kirtland & Jardine, remaining the last and most important example of their work from this period will be completely lost.

St. Katherine's Cathedral, Colegrave Street, Lincoln LN5 8DW

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